The Snowy Hill (CD)


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Old Time Music of SW Pennsylvania

Richard Withers: Flutes, 5 string Banjo, Vocals
Kathy Fallon: Guitar
Mark Tamsula: Guitar
Bruce Molyneaux: Mandolin, Plectrum Banjo
Oliver Browne: Fiddle
Ken Foley: Snare Drum

Our fourth recording (2018) from the collections of Samuel Preston Bayard, who traveled throughout SW PA between 1928-63, visiting fiddlers, fifers and singers, and writing out over a thousand of their tunes and songs. “While we’ve focused previously on Bayard’s dance music with fiddle and banjo, The Snowy Hill features the flute representing the region’s fife tradition. “Formerly, just as Pennsylvania was thronged with fiddlers, so likewise she abounded in local fife-and-drum ensembles. … Once in great demand, the fifers and drummers played on every conceivable occasion of local interest” (Bayard, Dance To The Fiddle, March To The Fife 1982)


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